We wouldn’t be where we are today without a little help from our friends. Please check out the following pages related to supporting Wilson Adams and his family.

10,000 Mustard Seeds for Wilson Adams / Wilson’s Warriors

This is where the social media presence for Wilson’s Warriors started. We began small by providing status updates about Wilson and asking the community to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

Wilson’s Warriors Facebook

Aledo Advocats

Aledo Children’s AdvoCats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by women volunteers committed to raising charitable funds to help fulfill and aid unmet needs of children and their families in the Aledo area.

Established in 2002, the AdvoCats organization has donated more than $900,000 to our community. One-hundred percent of monies raised through fundraising are used towards charitable efforts, such as medical expenses, clothing, living expenses, field trips, senior expenses, dental care, school supplies, and counseling.

Aledo AdvoCats


We know that not all generous hearts have construction companies or building materials to donate to the Adams’ House Project. You can still help by making a donation on our GoFundMe page, every little bit helps!

GoFundMe for Wilson’s Warriors